Top 5 online games you should be playing

Hunting for new games to make your day the bomb? Online games offer a variety of thumb gluing choices and getting addicted is just a matter of few recurring tries. Irrespective of your location and whether or not you're hunting for something to get hooked on—or maybe you've got a lot of time on your hands and need to speed up the clock—online games offer you just the exact option.

Here are the top five online games you should definitely give a try:

Game of Bombs: Ever heard of Bomberman? It was arguably one of the most addictive games to ever exist and rocked the 90's era. The game entailed planting bombs across a maze to eliminate enemies.

Game of Bombs does a great job at replicating this classic and also making significant improvements, such as a multi-player option—allowing you to compete against other players globally.

Europa Casino: This game is a perfect match for poker and casino-related lovers. Europa casino gives players a thrilling online casino experience, offering bonus codes which can be used to access bonuses and exciting promos within the game. The bonus code also offers players the opportunity to join live poker games—and MrBet online casino lets you play all thses amazing games and more. Isn't that just great?!

Polycraft: To get a picture of how awesome this game is, imagine Zelda and Crash Bandicoot merged to form one title, Polycraft. This game offers a whole lot more than just a basic defense game, as players have the option of building their own base, exploring numerous locations such as dungeons, collecting inventories and supplies, and a host of other amazing features online.

This game can be installed directly into your web browser or played online with HTML5.

Spaceplan: For those players looking to pass time, this is the game for you. The gameplay involves lots of clicking and upgrading of spaceships through the "Thing Maker"—the interface you'd be glued on for hours unending. After acquiring a spaceship, the real adventure then begins.

 Wonderputt: So, you've always wanted to "swing it like Tiger Woods"? Well, here's an opportunity to test those golfing skills. Womderputt offers a refreshing online gaming experience, as there are varieties of mini golf courses within various locations from ski slopes to lily pads.

The game adds lots of adventures to it, as newer games are unleashed as you defeat every course. A significant feature about Wonderputt is that it is an online game that grants you the ability to explore numerous locations while still retaining its fun factor.

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